代表取締役 高杉亮

We are a production company engaged in various businesses related to design

Takasugi Atelier is a design office in Mie that handles a wide range of work, including printed graphic design such as advertisement production, flyers, company information, newspaper advertisements. We also do web design, photography, food design and catering.

By doing small projects in-house and collaborating with partner companies on large projects, our greatest strength is being able to propose optimal solution plans for various projects. Please feel free to talk to me about various different projects.


We think about ways to solve your problems together

There are a lot of people who don’t know how they approach a design company, or worry about the cost. Please tell us about your ideas and thoughts. We strive to work on a variety of projects and obtain positive results.
No matter your area of expertise please visit our website. We update daily with things such as production results and blogs. Please also feel free to follow us on Instagram. Please come and get to know our company by visiting our website. Our hope is that even people without any knowledge of design could come and learn something about what we offer.
Our goal is to make the word “Design” more familiar. It may seem like it’s not part of our daily life but we’ll keep working to change that.

We look forward to sharing many different good times with you in many different situations. Thank you for taking the time to read my message!

Ryo Takasugi
Takasugi Atelier Co., Ltd.